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D C S shall strive to preserve and improve the environment in and around its work place. As a responsible corporate citizen, it shall endeavour to:
  • Conduct all its operations in environmentally responsible manner.
  • Comply with statutory regulations and wherever possible, exceed the standards by continuous improvement.
  • Conserve resources like raw materials, water and energy by minimising their waste and promoting recovery, recycling and reuse.
  • Prevent pollution, protect and promote health and welfare of its employees and the environment.
  • Enhance the environmental awareness of the employees
  • Implement, maintain and continuously review a comprehensive environmental management system to achieve the above goals.


  • We at D C S, dedicate ourselves to Total Quality.
  • We are committed to enhance customer satisfaction on a continuous basis through implementation of an effective Quality Management System in our works approved by our customers to suit their overall Quality Management System.
  • Continuous improvements, credibility, consistency and a concern to meet our customers' requirements at every stage of the business shall be our Guiding Values.


D C S, as a responsible employer, recognises the safety and occupational health of all its employees as the prime and important factor in our business. We are therefore committed to:
  • Prevention of accidents, injury, ill health and loss of property.
  • Implement and abide by all statutory rules and regulations.
  • Enhance the skill and knowledge of the employees on all issues of safety and health.
  • Maintain a comprehensive Safety and Occupational Health management system with continuous review and improvement to achieve these goals.
  • Involve all the employees in successful implementation of this policy.
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